TIP is well known name in the field of computer forensics investigation and consulting services. TIP’s very specialized computer forensics experts have industry recognised certifications such as Certified Fraud Examiner(CFE) and perform computer forensics for various agencies. These are done with utmost professionalism and proprietary software tools are used for this purpose.

TIP have advanced computer forensics lab and provide best computer forensics team, confidential and impartial advice on how to effectively manage the forensics situation in case of any type of cyber crime.

Need for Computer Forensics arises in following Situations:

  • Digital Fraud
  • Unauthorised Data Duplication
  • Bankruptcy Data Investigation
  • Private Investigation of Personal Computer
  • Private Investigation of Cellphone/Mobile Phone
  • Forgeries
  • Murder
  • Industrial Espionage
  • IP Theft
  • E-Stalking
  • Breach of Contract
  • Computer Break-ins
  • Phone ‘Phreaking’
  • Digital Pornography
  • Inappropriate Internet Usage
  • Internet Abuse
  • Inappropriate Email Usage
  • Email Abuse

Computer forensics can help ensure the overall integrity and security of your network infrastructure. TIP’s understanding of the legal and technical aspects of computer forensics will help advising you on how to capture vital information if your network is compromised or any of the above said situations and this information will help you prosecute the case if the intruder is identified.
Computer Forensics may be divided in different heads such as

  • Hard Drive Wipe
  • Hard Drive Copy
  • Hard Drive Cloning
  • RAID Forensics
  • External Disk Forensics and many more…

We at TIP provide computer forensics of all kind and type through our In Lab facilities and our Computer Forensics Team is equipped with best engineers.