We at The Internet People strongly believe that people are the weakest link in the security chain. No matter what measures you implement they will never succeed if your people are not adequately trained.

Being security aware means your staff understands that there is the potential for some people to deliberately or accidentally steal, damage, or misuse the data that is stored within a company’s computer systems and throughout its organization. Therefore, it would be prudent to support the assets of the institution (information, physical, and personal) by trying to stop that from happening.

Considering these facts we have developed various short and long training programs for junior most level till Board of Directors/ CEOs.

These specialised trainings are delivered using:

  • Classroom
  • Onsite
  • Computer based

The trainers are hard core security professionals who share practical industry experiences making the program very interactive and leave a permanent image on the minds of the participants

Training programs are which are popular and have been successfully conducted for many years now are:

  • Information Security Awareness
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • First Aid

We also develop customized trainings based on individual needs. Contact us for further information.